Infor CRM

Infor, global Top 3 enterprise applications and services provider, build CRM solution for exhibition industry.

Intelligent Marketing

MesseInfor exhibition platform combining comprehensive approaches of EDM,SMS, Wechat, MesseInfor Cloud Call Center,

Efficient invite exhibitors

Powerful public databases and efficient sales process to help you in a limited time, to find the most exhibitors of the intention.

Accurate visitors

MesseInfor exhibition platform can invite more visitors by exhibitor, organizer, media and association invitation.

Zero-fault operation

The exhibitors can search and select the booths online, and the zero-fault operation will create the best on-site experience.Exhibitors will be able to view the booths in real time, and customize the exhibitors' manuals.

In-depth analysis

MesseInfor exhibition Platform for intelligent analysis of the exhibition, marketing analysis, exhibitors,audience analysis, operational analysis. To provide you with accurate reports, help show health, sustainable development.

About MesseInfor

MesseInfor is independently developed by Shanghai MesseInfor Tech Co., Ltd. for exhibition industry. It provides all parties involved in exhibition a total solution for exhibition management. MesseInfor’s functions are Infor CRM (exhibition information management, exhibitor management, visitor management, integrated marketing management, leads management, process management and finance management), Exhibitor Portal, Supplier Portal, Visitor Portal, Mobile APP and Interactive Floor Plan System. Our mission is to help organizer to organize the exhibition successfully and increase its revenue, and maximize the value which exhibitors, visitors and suppliers can achieve from the exhibition.

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