Infor CRM

Infor, global Top 3 enterprise applications and services provider, build CRM solution for exhibition industry.

Exhibition module

Search all key information about your exhibition, manage and track all your exhibitions as well as the competitors.


Exhibition module function:

Sub-exhibition management , Booth and service prices , Exhibition products scope , Target visitor , Sales opportunities , Exhibitor , Visitor , Team rights.

Customer information management

With user friendly interface, Infor CRM satisfy all industries personalized management needs.


According to the special needs of industry, add the tab to management the information as wishes.

One exhibitor, various contacts? OK!

One contact, various address? OK!

Sales notes and reminder

It is easy for the salesperson to manage thousands of potential exhibitors!


Help the user to shape the customer communication closed loop.

Record all communication under the customer.

Track and remind to contact the customer.

Marketing campaign management

Manage all aspects of the marketing campaign, generate sales leads and reduce the cost of marketing promotion.


Track every response from targets.

Precisely measure the return on investment of a marketing campaign.

Sales opportunities and sales process management

Turn every sales opportunity into exhibitor.


Segment your prospected customers according to the different sales process status.

Monitor the competitor in real time and make effective sales strategy.

Manage all financial matters of your exhibitors, such as issue payment notice.

Business intelligence

Make informed decision based on the information in Infor CRM.


Customized your own KPI dashboard.

Collect, analyze and manage all the information which communicate with your customer in every marketing, sales and service process.

CRM on go

Transform your out-office sales force into your competitive advantage, improve productivity and generate more revenue.


Experience CRM on any kind of smart phone and tablet.

Do not backup the customer data on the mobile device to ensure the data security.

Access customer data at all times and places.

Social CRM

Realize the social CRM.



Infor CRM easily integrate the email system and social media with unique Xbar component.

Transform into social CRM without change your former practice.

Digital Marketing

Integrate all digital marketing channels to build a closed marketing loop for show organizer.

A closed digital marketing loop

Seamlessly integrate most of digital marketing tools,customer data,customized marketing content, response of targets, make sure maximize the ROI of every marketing campaign.


Exhibitor Portal

Provide exhibitor with service without compromise and bring exhibitor more exposure opportunities. Exhibitor and visitor’s successes are the foundation of the success of show organizer.

Customized online exhibitor manual

Organizer directly edit online exhibitor manual via MesseInfor and publish the exhibition information and service form according to different type of exhibitor, type of exhibition hall and booth number. Organizer provides different service according to different customer grade.


EasyOrder, Exhibition e-commerce platform

Organizer and supplier can offer the exhibitor service with pictures through MesseInfor, and exhibitor can order them via exhibitor portal as easy as general e-commerce platform. Organizer manage all the orders real time.


Share controllable exhibitor list

Organizer add suppliers to MesseInfor and set fields of exhibitor list which can be seen by the supplier. It make sure supplier only can get the exhibitor list with related information to them. MesseInfor assure the data security of exhibitor list.


Exhibitor portal

Through MesseInfor exhibitor portal, all exhibitors keep informed of the exhibition information, notice from organizer and order service.


Exhibitor Order Form management

Organizer and supplier can check which exhibitors have submitted service order and information form in real time, and easily export the contents of the submitted from.


Finance management for service order

Organizer and suppliers process all financial matters for service orders in MesseInfor, such as issue invoices and collect payment.


Visitor portal

By optimized data management methodology and one stop visitor service. Move onsite visitor flow to online digital community and make it organic growth.

Customized visitor pre-registration system

Through MesseInfor, organizer can deploy its own visitor pre-registration questionnaire.

Interactively visitor invitation

By utilizing digital marketing tools integrated in MesseInfor, organizer easily convert the target visitor into pre-registered visitor and further into onsite visitor. View

Exhibitor search

Through Visitor Portal, registered visitor search exhibitor through various conditions, add the favorite exhibitor into its saved list. View

Interactive Floor Plan

Efficiently draw, allocate and associate booth. Create more digital business opportunity. It is the best tool for show organizer to operate and grow the exhibition.

Organizer core values

  • Easily create、allocate and associate booth.
  • Innovative booth building technology and perfect user experience.
  • Help organizer operate the exhibition with scale of 150,000 sqm in an efficient way.

Exhibitor core values

  • Show the company and exhibiting products information on the interactive booth layout, improve the exposure.
  • Exchanging information via scanning of QR code dramatically reduce the cost of promotion material production.

Visitor core value

  • Improve visiting efficiency by generating personalized visiting route.
  • Online save exhibitor information, easily handle with it.
  • Record visit notes onsite.

Customized mobile APP

Develop and maintain exhibition APP with high efficiency and low cost. Build and operate your own industry digital community.

Organizer core values:

- Customized exhibition App with different modules.
- Efficient, effective and economy.
- Real time data synchronization. High-level data security.

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